Luck Needed


I need some luck. Well, I don’t really need luck. Rather, the Pittsburgh Penguins need some luck. They are down two games to none to the Detroit Red Wings and have yet to score a goal. The teams play tonight in Pittsburgh. If the Penguins lose tonight the math will be severely against them.

Here’s where I need all of you. The Pens need all the good vibes they can get. I’m doing my part with the beard and all. It isn’t enough. Tonight, around 8:00 PM (eastern), rub your lucky rabbit’s foot, break a wishbone, put on the lucky socks, eat some chicken parm, or whatever you do for good luck and think of the Penguins. They need all the help then can get.

Tell me about your good luck superstitions? Do you really believe they work?

Besides, the Penguins are the underdogs in the series, the youth against the more experienced Red Wings.  I read an article today that called the Red Wings style of play machine-like and joyless.  Meanwhile, the Penguins style is full of speed and energy.  Honestly, who would you rather win?

Also, be sure to check out my post yesterday with my waterstones story and tell me what you think. Pretty please? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Luck Needed

  1. I shall be rooting for your team. I shall start now and continue for 24 hours as I have no idea about the time difference 🙂

    My team Manchester United won the European Champions League last week ( a very big deal). I was away from home in a small hotel in Northern Spain so various friends were texting me the results as they happened. I got back to my hotel room and saw the last 30 minutes on Spanish TV.

    It was so excruciatingly exciting I kept having to get up and leave the room at the critical bits ( a penalty shoot out).
    We won so I have decided the luckiest thing I can do for you is not to watch as it obviously worked for my boys…. 😀

  2. I would like to see the Penquins win for various reasons:
    1- you support them
    2-I always value a friendly style and energy over machines, even if said machines are people
    3 – because you asked me so 🙂

    I am not superstitious and have no little actions / objects to bring good luck and/or to avert bad one.
    I think things happen for a reason.

    Your entry was thought-provoking and nicely written.
    I did not get the connection between the text and the decoration, which was nice, btw.

  3. I don’t have any good luck superstitions. I wish I did because then I’d have something to contribute here.

    Anyway, I’ll be sending them all sorts of good vibes today!

  4. I am busy being all shocked by the visual site change, jeez I’m off the internet for (just about a week) and you go all around redecorating.
    Well I don’t want you to think me stingy or anything but I am not going to be doing any heavy happy visualization for them there penguins, I try to limit the amount of things I am emotionally invested in, however…as I do consider myself a blogging type of friend, I do have some interest in your life going in a way that you think pleasant, therefore I am willing to send some “hope Paul has a good day” thoughts out to you around 8-ish. How God/the universe decides to interpret that and manifest it, is outside of my control.

    (I may have to come back and read more another time, having just seen Bob walk across the yard with a rake and shovel, I think perhaps the right thing for me to do is get up and help him plant the juniper) ?

  5. Oh dear, I’d probably hex them! I also have a feeling that the time of the game has passed, but I hope they won. I don’t really have any good luck superstitions either but I like the line in one of my favourite songs, Visions by Ugly Duckling, that goes: “If Luck be a Lady I’m’a get her hair done.” Foolish, I know, but I like the metaphor!

  6. freeandflawed – thanks 🙂

    taffiny – well, it worked. I did have a good day 🙂

    Helen – the game was probably over when you read that. No hex, though! Also, I love that line. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. My husband has the most UNCANNY ability to find four-leaf-clovers. EEGHADS. Once he found something like seventeen in one summer. How can that be?

    You know the luck doubles if you not only find a clover but give it away….

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