(AP Photo/The Canadian Press,Frank Gunn)

Well, whatever you all did yesterday, do again Saturday because the Penguins won last night 3-2! It was an absolutely amazing, hard-hitting, exciting hockey game, and my stomach still hasn’t calmed down a bit. It was intense. If you care about the details, Empty Netters is a fun, entertaining blog done by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (and cool to look at even if only for the pictures of “vintage jerseys”). Thanks to everyone for the vibes. The series will now go at least two more games, which means the playoff beard has at least five more days of life 🙂

Now, I don’t want to put too much emphasis on this sports thing. I’m not someone who “lives” for the games, or gets in a bad mood when the team loses (maybe I was like that when I was much younger). I know I’m not part of the team and “we” didn’t win. However, when you watch a team through the good times and the bad, it’s nice to see them succeed.

OK, totally unrelated to hockey, I saw this amazing video the other day and had to share. It’s from a television show I don’t watch called So You Think You Can Dance. You have to watch it. It’s quite amazing. This dude can clearly dance!