An Interesting Day

It was an interesting day thirty-one years ago. In many ways, not too different from today. George Lucas had a #1 movie out then (Star Wars) as he does now (Indiana Jones). People were nervous about gas then and they sure are now. Mainstream music sucked then, and mainstream music sucks now. The more things change, the more they stay the same, right?

It was on this day, thirty-one years ago that God looked down and said, “This one won’t cause too much trouble”, and for the most part I don’t think I have caused too much trouble. In fact it’s only been the last couple years that I realized that I think we’re supposed to cause some trouble ever now and then. After all, trouble is what makes life interesting. Plus, I’ve finally come to realize that if you don’t like something you can’t just sit there and complain about it, you need to make some trouble to change what you don’t like with the world.

And those are your philosophical ramblings of an old guy for today. *bows*

Anyhow, as I was driving to work this morning I heard this song on the radio. Actually, I heard the Phil Collins version, which is good, but I prefer The Supremes.

If you want to give me something for my birthday, how about giving the Penguins those good vibes Saturday night that you gave them Wednesday. Oh, and I always appreciate you comments here 🙂