NaNoWriMo 2008

So, have you all started thinking about National Novel Writing Month for 2008? Yeah, it doesn’t actually happen until November, but guess what? It’s only five months away!

If you would’ve asked me last December if I was ever going to try NaNoWriMo again I probably would’ve either busted out in crazed, maniacal laughter, quietly started sobbing on your shoulder, or simply run away screaming. This far removed from the event, however, and I’m thinking I might actually try it again.

Let’s be honest. I haven’t even finished rewrites on my NaNoWriMo project from 2007. That is what I’m working on with my writing group right now. I still think that story can go somewhere. However, looking forward, I do want to start a new project in November.

I don’t even have a story idea yet. Those aren’t hard to come by for me. The writing of the story idea is the hard part for me. What I do know is I want to try something different. I think I’m going to try to write this one from the first-person point-of-view, something I haven’t done yet in a novel length story.

So, are any of you thinking about NaNoWriMo ’08. It’s not far away.

Completely unrelated, tonight is Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The Penguins again have to win or they will be eliminated. Here are some of their old friends from my post on Monday to make sure they do win.

Care Bear Stare!