Bye Bye Beard

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Take a look at that picture. The Penguins were that close to tying the game last night. You can see the puck right on the post on the left of that image. If you look at the scoreboard it says 0 seconds remaining and the score Red Wings 3, Penguins 2. This amazing season is finally over.

It was a pretty good game.  I could tell, though, that the guys were tired from that grueling three overtime game on Monday.  Still, they gave all they had as always and it almost paid off.  They  will be back next year, although  they certainly won’t be able to afford to keep everyone.  I feel that even the guys that leave will look back on this season and this team with affection, once the sting of the loss goes away.

As soon as the game was over I marched upstairs and shaved off the beard.  My wife was sad they lost but happy the beard is gone.  My face feels weird right now, and somehow smaller.  It’s very odd.

We did take some pictures last night, one last beard picture, one of me with just a moustache, and some ones clean shaven.  Maybe I’ll post one of two of them.  We’ll see.

So, going forward, look for more post here about writing and my ongoing struggles there.  I hope I didn’t lose too many of you with these hockey posts.  They were a lot of fun for me to write and hopefully at least a little entertaining to all of you.

Bear with me now as I go into a corner and cry.


9 thoughts on “Bye Bye Beard

  1. I too am sorry they lost but hurray for your wife and no more beard! I had much sympathy for her! Even though you looked very cute! ;o)

  2. That must have been quite a finish. I checked in with just a couple minutes to go and they were down 3-1.

    I also checked in during the 2nd period and the Penguins scored a goal less than 30 seconds later. You should start paying me to watch all of their games. Before you get your checkbook out, though, remember that I watch almost all of the Iowa football games and it doesn’t seem to help them that much.

    I’ll shave my beard that happened to attach itself to my face over the last couple weeks as a tribute to the Penguins playoff run.

  3. I can NOT believe how close they came to tying it up! What a heart-breaker.

    Now that it’s all over, I’ll be going through hockey withdrawal for a while (‘though my son is still playing inline hockey, so at least there’s that to watch!). Hopefully, I’ll use all that extra evening time to finish my novel!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your writing in posts to come….

  4. writinggb – yeah, at least it wasn’t a sweep and they tried to the end.

    ello – *blush*

    Mike – I’ll have to pay you at next year’s Finals, although my wife started watching at the exact same time. Weird.

    Rob – amen

    freeandflawed – I’m better now 🙂

    Shari – it still hasn’t sunk in completely. *Sigh*

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