I’m Melting..

Well, we’ve gone from high 70s weather and rainy in my area to 95+ degrees Fahrenheit weather in my area and it ALMOST has me longing for the days of winter. Almost. Luckily we have two in-window air conditioning units. The best $200 I’ve ever spent.

The hot weather didn’t keep us inside, though. Saturday we went to a children’s fair in our town and my daughter got to meet two of her favorites from her books: Winnie the Pooh and The Cat in the Hat. She was speechless, much the same as I would be if I met Shadow from American Gods or something.

I won’t be around too much today because I’ll be attending a web conference. That’s right. I’m a spider. Not many of you know that (joke courtesy of Harland Williams). I’ll be back tomorrow.

I have a few post-beard pictures and some really funny (or horrific, depending on how you look at it) pictures of me with just a mustache. We’ll see if I have the guts to ever post those.