Harry Potter Prequel by JK Rowling Online

The Waterstone’s What’s your story? auction was held last night and the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter prequel story sold for close to $50,000. That’s obviously great news for the cause. The good news for us is that we can now read the Harry Potter prequel online.

J.K. Rowling’s story isn’t the only story on the site. There are also original stories over there by authors such as Neil Gaiman and Lauren Child. You can read those here.

Also, there’s still time to write a short story of your own and enter their contest. They will be choosing two of the best reader submitted stories to publish in a book along with the professional writers. The deadline for that is June 19th.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I already entered the contest myself. I figured I’d post my entry here again, in case you missed it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Prequel by JK Rowling Online

  1. Ooh! I heard about the prequel but didn’t realize you could read it online….I’m off to read it now! I DO like your story – hope it does well 🙂

  2. which story?
    The questions…
    perhaps I haven’t been by enough, too busy struggling in my yard,
    I am all confused. (whole stories, or prequels as entries?)

    Thanks for the Harry tip, must fly off to read it, or at least bookmark it for later.

  3. 2015 j.k. will release her book the first of 3 and only 3 prequels. I garuntee this! To sum it all up….. Harry and sirious love to be rebels thinking they are only the ones that posses magic. They aren’t even told buy anyone else not even family that magic exists. They Learn how to use magic….and soon followers come to them. The muggle law and magic users too. Discovering they are not alone….hogwarts opens there eyes to a new world they never knew existed. They thought they were alone….but now they can see its just the beginning. They learn about evil wizards from the past and present. They learn others that they can love and have the same beliefs as they always hoped. Years pass and as there knowledge grows so does hope for love. Severus who loved lily from the start realizes that others grow to burden her heart. James potter will do anything to keep snape away from her. Snapes hatred blooms as he soon realizes shes smitten with James and not him. He tries and tries to even stay friends. James despises this becauase he knows how much Severus truly cares for her. Amongst all this hatred there is one that remains in shadows. Tom riddle lies in deep regression. Never knowing his family. Alone and lost in his own sorrow…he becomes one with true darkness. Knowing his power and assuming it can be controlled… dumbledoore hopes his future will be bright. Tom is accepted to hogwarts and feeds off of pain. Evil is lurking beneath his soul. He wants everyone to feel his pain. How do you stop such evil that no one even knows exists? As his hatred grows will anyone be able to stop him? Soon dumbledoore realizes he has put everyone in harms way. They need to stop him before he takes over the world. James potter in love with Lilly his true love. Severus snape loses all hope of life and love. He cant have her and James will do anything to keep him away. Sirious a rebel brother…or so called brother of James is always by James side. James will need all the help he can get. New friends and old. Evil lurks in hogwarts. His name is voldemort!

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