What I’m Listening To

I recently purchased two CDs and am enjoying both very much.  Why did I buy CDs?  For one, because I’m old.  Secondly, I listen to music mostly in the car and it sounds better in the car’s stereo than in the ear buds and I’m too cheap to buy anything to interface the iPod with the car.

Anyhow, the two CDs I bought were the new Weezer albmu, The Red Album, and the newest Nerf Herder CD.  You can listen the the Nerf Herder online for free, as they have it streaming there.  I highly recommend that.

The Weezer album is good too.  I particularly like The Greatest Man in the World (based on the Shaker Hymn), Heart Song, and Pork and Beans.

Peace, and get off my lawn you darn kids 🙂