I had a pretty good Father’s Day yesterday, thank to my daughter, my wife, my parents, my grandfather, and my sister.

We ate lunch and dinner at my parent’s house (about an hour drive away) and I was able to FINALLY get a bit of time with the Nintendo Wii, making me the last person in the entire known Universe to play the Wii (I was also able to make several inappropriate puns using the word Wii at the lunch table — good times).

Let me explain a little here. I own every Nintendo Console produced, from the NES to the Gamecube. Yep, I even have the Nintendo 64, which I still think was superior to the Playstation. I’m a bit of a Nintendo fanboy. In fact, when the Wii was first announced and launched, before most people had heard of it, I wanted one. My plan was to wait a year for more games to be released and for the $50-100 price drop that usually comes a year into the life of a game system. Well, the price drop never came and I had a daughter, taking away my time and money.

So, I’ve been sitting back, hearing people who had never played a video game, gushing about how much fun the Wii is, bragging about how they stood in line for one a Christmas. I would nod with a smile as if I wasn’t jealous, wiping a lone tear from my cheek. I would make a mental list of all the games I WOULD buy, if only I had a Wii and some money left over from the diaper money.

So yesterday, on Father’s Day, I was finally able to spend some time and play the Wii. I have to say, it is very great. My parents only have the demo disc, Wii Sports, but it was still a good time. I particularly liked Tennis and Baseball. Everyone was impressed that I was able to play so well in so little time, but really I was born to play Nintendo. Now, to convince my parents to buy Mario Galaxy! 🙂 I’m sure they wouldn’t mind extra visits from their granddaughter.

Somewhat related, my mom finished the killer Super Mario cross stitch I mentioned here a while back. I’ll be sure to post some pictures of it tomorrow. It is quite sweet!