Don’t Text Me


I just had my first real, full night of sleep in a month last night, so I thought I’d take this time to go on a minor rant, since I have some energy for once 🙂 This one starts as a sports thing, but goes farther than that. Don’t be scared of the sports stuff please.

Above is a picture from inside PNC Park in Pittsburgh, home to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates played the Yankees last night in Pittsburgh for the first time since 1960. Amazingly, and convincingly, my Pirates won 12-5. It was a nice night.

Now to the rant. Since they were playing the Yankees, arguably the most known baseball team in the country and maybe the world, tickets to the game were quite in demand. In fact, the ball park was 101% full last night thanks to standing room only tickets. I watched the game on television. That’s when I got mad.

Right behind home plate, in the $160 – 210 per ticket seats, was a kid (high school or college age) texting as the game was going on. Not in between pitches. Not every once in a while. During the game, for like the first four innings. Take a look at the above pictures again. This is similar to the view of the city from this guy’s seats.

I just don’t understand people. I also feel old. There were people standing the entire game, just wanting to watch the game in person, to enjoy a ballgame at the park. Meanwhile, this guy is sitting in the best seats in the house, doing an activity he could’ve done in the port-a-potty in the parking lot. Can’t you put the cell phone down for three hours and just watch the game? I bet you a million dollars this dude did not pay for his own seats. If I’m paying $210 to go to a game, I’m sure as heck going to pay attention.

Here’s an illustration of what should’ve happened to this guy.

Next time, I talk about the people who sit behind home plate and wave while talking on cell phones the whole game (or maybe not).