The Internet Is Against Me

Not a lot to talk about today. I’m not sure why. I guess I just don’t feel creative. I do have a thought, one I wrote down yesterday after coming across the thousandth “interesting sounding book I must have” while browsing the internet here it is:

The Internet is an elaborate ruse created by my enemies for the purpose of separating me from my money. The rest of the stuff on the Internet is just part of the cover-up.

Seriously, no matter how many books I have in my “to-read” pile, I always seem to stumble upon another book that I MUST HAVE NOW. Even though, there is no possible way I’ll ever read all of them. Books are my addiction I suppose.

Am I alone in this?


7 thoughts on “The Internet Is Against Me

  1. You aren’t alone. I had the same issue. Bought so many books, all the time. Even fell for those gimicky books like The Zombie’s Survival Guide and what-not.

    I don’t know how old you are, but for me all it took was getting a little older. My book-buying addiction (which started because of Borders and continued with Amazon as I went through college) grew and grew, basically with all my funds pouring into literature. I still have quite a library, even though I’ve since sold many of the shitty books I read back to online buyers.

    Anyway: after I started needing money for going out to eat, for socializing at bars, for transportation, for concerts, and other things that early twenties kids need, I slowed down on the books. Also, after enough contemplation and admittance to having a book-buying problem, it gets easier to understand that the concern should be directed more toward the problem and less toward the actual number of books.

    Also, going to a library regularly helped me out a lot. Realizing that I didn’t have to purchase every book of literary criticism and poetry theory, and realizing that there’s no physical way to do it if one isn’t a millionaire, helped me learn to use my library card on a regular basis.

    I still buy some literature I think should be part of my library throughout my life. I ask this everytime I buy a book now (as opposed to checking from the library): “Am I going to want to read this in twenty years? Am I going to even care if this book is on my bookshelf in twenty years?”

  2. No, you are not alone 🙂 My local book shop rub their hands together with glee everytime I set foot over the door. My downfall is those 3 for 2 offers. I go in to buy one particular book I have read a review of and then get suckered in (very easily, I might add) to buying three books (or even worse, 6 – well, you have to, don’t you? They are FREE books!). They sit on their own book case – my ‘to read’ books. If I was disciplined I wouldn’t buy any more until I had read those but then I might miss something good….. or the book shop might run out of books 🙂

    Actually, that might not be so bad. I could sell them back all the books on my ‘read’ shelves – if I could only bear to part with them 🙂

    A hopeless case, I’m afraid.

  3. No, you’re not alone! Last weekend, my mother gazed at my overstuffed bookshelves and suggested that maybe I shouldn’t buy so many books! But I can’t help myself. At least I don’ t have a shoe obsession — how many books can you buy with the money for a pair of Manolo Blahniks?

  4. No. I’m the same. I’ve just arranged my to-read pile, since we’ve moved house… and it takes up one whole bookshelf. It’s a bit scary! I don’t even use Amazon or buy new books (ahem, much) but I still manage to accumulate them.

  5. Oh, and you’re going to hate me, Struggling Writer, but I have an author recommendation for you – Charles Stross. Have you read him? He writes science fiction and he kicks ass!! I am planning to write a post on him soon when I can get consistent internet access.

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