Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead


This post is going to be about Doctor Who, so those of you who don’t watch are probably going to be lost. Also, I’m going to be talking about the episodes, so there may be spoilers.

I just got finished watchingSilence In The Library and The Forest of The Dead, two episodes in Series 4 of the Doctor Who television show. My first reaction is wow! These were by far my favorite of this Series. They were probably my favorite since the last one done by Steven Moffat.

There’s really so much to say, but I don’t know what to say. I think I need to go back and watch this a few more times, because I’m still not sure what happened. Have we seen The Doctor’s future wife? How does he meet her in the future?

Also, I like Donna Noble more each week. Donna has come so far since “The Runaway Bride”. Which brings me to: poor Donna!

This was by far the scariest, and best written episode of the season for me.  How can they top this?

4 thoughts on “Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead

  1. I really liked the two episodes as well, lots of good plot twists. I can’t say as I like Donna Noble yet, in fact I somewhat hate her for not being Rose, but I like the fact that Donna can stand up to the Doctor.

  2. Ah come on! Donna is probably my favorite companion since Sarah Jane! The final 5 minutes of Forest of the Dead was very moving and I have watched it at least ten times already. (Not the whole episode. Just those five minutes.)

    The writing is superb as well as the camera work and the general execution of the whole show. Nice to “meet” another fan.

  3. I think she’s Donna’s daughter.

    Don’t ask why…just a feeling.

    I mean, don’t you wonder why the Doctor hasn’t put the moves on Donna?

    Okay..she says he’s skinny, and she acts like she thinks he’s a twit – but still……………remember the guy at the end of part two?????Hmmmmmm???

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