Holiday – Day 2

Vacation, Day 2. It was a busy one with no pool 😦

The morning started off well, with my wife, my daughter, and I going to story time at the local library. The above picture is of the building where they held story time. It was my first time at story time, and as my wife says, our daughter is a “squirmy wormy”. In her defense, she was the youngest there. I had a good time, although they did play a quick movie (“The Napping House”) which was a little creepy in that old animation kind of way. My daughter whispered to me “Can we watch a different movie Daddy?” and I agreed.

After that, we all went to the dress shop to meet with my sister and parents to help my sister pick out a wedding dress. My daughter also got the chance to try on several flower girl dresses, and cried each time we put her back in her “regular dress”. She’s lucky she’s cute. 🙂

Things went a bit more hectic after the dress shop because the little lady didn’t have her nap. On the plus side, she fell asleep for the evening at 7:30.

Tomorrow, we have lunch with friends, mini-golf in the evening and hopefully the pool in between. Fingers crossed 🙂


5 thoughts on “Holiday – Day 2

  1. That’s a lovely library. When I took Kiko to storytime at the library here he got freaked out by it and so we left! It was a bit weird – loads of people milling around and no actual storytelling going on. Oh well.

    It sounds like you’re having a good holiday!

  2. The building looks nice, too – I’d call it colonial, but I’m no architect…

    I thought story time meant TELLING stories, not showing moives!!? I mean…It’s a library after all…

    🙂 at your daughter not wanting her reg. clothes back 🙂

  3. very nice library building.

    Hope you make it to the pool, have fun with friends, and do well at mini-golf. I am all smiles when I play well, but for someone my age, I can still fall to frustrations and misery, if I play badly.

    It really tugs at one’s heart strings when their child is upset about something, so I don’t mean to make light of her heartfelt tears, but there is a charm to the story, to her being so taken with each beautiful dress, that childhood magic attached to the beauty of it, and of being dressed in it, in never wanting to take it off and be in regular clothes again, there is something lovely and somehow touching in that.

    I can see what you mean about vacationing at home. We are leaving for vacation soon, and I am trying to be calm this week, as I do loads of wash, pack, clean, and run errands. Bob has expressly requested this of me (calmness), as I tend to get all stressed out and tightly wound, and then it isn’t till the vacation is nearly over that I start to relax (a day or two before I have to pack everything back up, clean the place, come home and do tons of wash). I think a good solution would be to go on vacation for longer than one week, but that isn’t currently in the cards, credit, or cash. 🙂

    I hope you have a thoroughly relaxing vacation, enjoy your family and summer, and completely break in those sandals.

  4. Helen – there was a lot of storytelling, except at the end. The building is really nice too.

    SzélsőFa – they would probably call the building Victorian, although colonial might be accurate too. They did tell a lot of stories, just the video at the end. It was creepy in the library-video kinda way.

    taffiny – we get stressed out the week before a vacation too. that’s why it’s nice to stay home. we’ll be going away on a trip in a few weeks and get the stress part. My daughter was cute in the dresses and the tears didn’t get to me too much because I knew she was just tired

    freeandflawed – the mini-golf was fun!

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