Holiday – Day 4

Well, today was a contrast to the day yesterday. I only left the house to drop some bills off at the post office (stupid car payment and natural gas bill). However, it was still eventful.

I got the grass mowed, which we needed. It wasn’t so much that the grass grew that much as they weeds around the grass grew. I’m not one of those types to spend money on having my lawn treated to eliminate weeds, as I’m cheap and it’s silly. So, it needs mowing at least once a week.

We also planted a few Asiatic Lillies in the flower bed. They are my favorite type of lilly. So colorful.

We began the potty training in full today. We are starting the daughter on big girl panties. She did pretty well, although she had a few accidents (though I’m told we aren’t to call them accidents). She was so proud to wear underwear. She told me she had My Little Pony on hers and wondered what was on mine (polar bears). Such fun.

By the way, I wrote a post at about a potty training book, so you may want to check that out.

I have other news, but will wait for a little bit to share that. It’s not writing related, but still good news. 🙂

The above photo is of the book I just finished reading, The Discworld Graphic Novels. I very much enjoyed it. The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic are two of my favorite Terry Pratchett books, so it was cool to read them with pictures 🙂 You can view and read the pages of the book here.

SzélsőFa has been running a guess the movie contest on her blog. It’s great fun. You should check out the latest installment.

Well, I hear explosions around me which can only mean one thing: the Fourth of July is near.  Tomorrow we’re heading to a cousin of mine’s farm about two hours away.  Plenty of home baked food and sunshine are in my future.  It should be fun.  I’ll post tomorrow if we get home at a reasonable time.

Keep the comments coming!

3 thoughts on “Holiday – Day 4

  1. Thank you for the heads up, Paul.

    When I potty trained my kids, I came accross a saying that ‘If you start potty training at age one, it will last 1and a half years. If you start it at age one and half, it will last for one year. And if you start at age 2, the process will only take half a year.’

    I found it hilarious and somehow true.
    But kids are so very different. Even siblings can be very different. I think I’ve already shared some details about our *events*, so I’d rather refrain from repeating myself.

    Have a Happy Fourth of July!!

  2. Glad you’re having a good vacation! I actually haven’t read any Discworld graphic novels, but I love the books, so I might have to track those down.

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