Old Books Are Great

On the Fourth of July we attended a huge picnic at one of my cousin’s house on a farm. We had a pretty good time, mostly because the skies were overcast but not rainy, making the July weather bearable. My daughter (2 years old) even got to climb in one of those huge inflatable bouncy things and jump around a bit. I went in too, in part to shield her from the bigger jumpy kids. It was a heck of a workout, I’ll tell you that!

Anyhow, to the point of this post. Much of my family was at the picnic, including my uncle. This particular uncle loves to attend auctions and is always buying old tools and Amish made things. He told us he has lately been buying old books and even brought one out to show us.

First of all, just the thought of old books made me happy. Then, the book he had was published in 1917 in Altoona, Pennsylvania and contained tons of information about local history. Most interesting to me was information about the American Indians that lived in this area. I find this stuff fascinating.

It was one of those moments that I wished I were a speed-reader with a photographic memory, so I could capture all that information in my brain. I’m not, so all I did was have my Dad write down the names of the American Indian tribes on a piece of paper for further research.

I wish I got a picture of the book. The one above is from Wikimedia Commons. I think my Dad has the book right now, so maybe I’ll have him take a picture.

So yeah, I like old books. Not much of a surprise, right? I may have to get to some of these auctions, to see if I can score some of these books myself. Just don’t tell my wife, because I’m not sure we have the room for MORE books 🙂