Girlie Shirts

Yesterday was my first day back at work in a week. That’s always fun, right? *Sigh* On my drive to work I got a call from my wife saying my daughter was crying because I went to work. My daughter had been asleep when I left the house, so I hadn’t said goodbye. So, they were going to visit me at work during lunch and we were going to have a picnic.

On the way to my office, my daughter saw a man and said: “Look! That guy has a pink shirt! He stole it from a lady!”

For the record, I have nothing against pink shirts and haven’t said anything like the above. I have no idea where my daughter got it, but it’s hilarious. My wife tells me the guy didn’t say anything. Maybe he didn’t hear, or maybe he has a good sense of humor. Hopefully it wasn’t the President of the university.

If I was with my daughter, the guy in the pink shirt probably would’ve been some type of 300 pound bodybuilder. That would totally happen to me 🙂