Girlie Shirts

Yesterday was my first day back at work in a week. That’s always fun, right? *Sigh* On my drive to work I got a call from my wife saying my daughter was crying because I went to work. My daughter had been asleep when I left the house, so I hadn’t said goodbye. So, they were going to visit me at work during lunch and we were going to have a picnic.

On the way to my office, my daughter saw a man and said: “Look! That guy has a pink shirt! He stole it from a lady!”

For the record, I have nothing against pink shirts and haven’t said anything like the above. I have no idea where my daughter got it, but it’s hilarious. My wife tells me the guy didn’t say anything. Maybe he didn’t hear, or maybe he has a good sense of humor. Hopefully it wasn’t the President of the university.

If I was with my daughter, the guy in the pink shirt probably would’ve been some type of 300 pound bodybuilder. That would totally happen to me πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Girlie Shirts

  1. There is a guy where I work who does the manly thing well. Super slick and spiky head of hair, big bench press arms, the whole nine yards. And he loves pink shirts. He gets no small amount of shit heaped upon him when he wears pink.

    I think he likes the ribbing . . .

  2. Children are sooo cute! πŸ™‚ That guy should have a good sense of humour if he breaks unwritten rules… πŸ™‚

    I got a big scare because I typed thestrugglingwriter instead of struggling writer and I got a big intimidating anouncement from wordpress, something about the blog being archived or suspended for a violation of their terms of service. πŸ™‚

  3. Wah, that is so cute! I can just imagine the rogue man stealing a poor lady’s pink shirt.

    Kiko really does have to worry about this because today I bought him four pairs of tracksuit bottoms… from the little girls’ department! They had ribbons on them, which I cut off, and they *were* in neutral shades of black and grey, but he is so going to have a lot to blame me for when he’s older! (I do have a good excuse though – you just can’t get plain and simple clothes for boys here! Everything has skulls and cars on it!)

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