A few announcements today and a story. Read to the end, because there is some big news.

First the story. I was tasked yesterday to buy some Strawberry Nesquick, making me the first person in the last fifty years to buy the stuff. I had no idea where to find it in the grocery store. I imagined some shelf in the back of the place covered with dust and spiderwebs and containing things such as Nesquick, Yoohoo, and candy corn (sorry, I hate candy corn and will take any chance I can to disparage it). I eventually found it in the same aisle as the pop (soda), so surprised with my find that I forgot half the other items on my list. Doh!

Now the announcements. Julie K. Rose has posted another of her author interview podcasts over at her blog. Please check it out. The interviews are about writers, their stories, and their soundtracks.

Next, I have another book post up at BeAGoodDad. This one is about the Disney’s Animal Stories book. Amazingly, someone bought the book I talked about in last week’s entry, so I got my first Amazon Associates sale. Yay 24 cents!

OK, now the big news. My wife and I are having another baby! It is still early and we just found out last week. We’re very happy. It was planned. The only bad thing for me is that this time it *ahem* didn’t take as long. Oh well. *blush*