Ar’n Man – My Clarity of Night Contest Entry

I finished my entry for the writing contest at The Clarity of Night today and my entry is now on the site. I’m happy with what I’ve come up with, which is all I can ask of myself. I was definitely a challenge, but I was able to mold my initial idea into what I hope is an entertaining story. I won’t know that until I hear what you all think, of course 🙂 Anyhow, here’s my entry (number 39 in the contest). Your comments here and at the contest site are as always welcome and appreciated:

Photo by Jason Evans

Ar’n Man

“Will it always feel this odd?” said Douglas, opening his eyes.

“No,” answered Dr. Grim. “You’re body will adapt.”

“But it feels so cold,” said Douglas, touching his face.

“Steel,” said Dr. Grim.

“How about all the dials and numbers? “Will I always…”

“You’ll get used to it,” interrupted Dr. Grim. “Everything you need is in the packet the nurse gave you. My advice is to wait a few hours before looking in the mirror. We don’t need you back here with a heart attack.”

“Is it that bad?” asked Douglas, peeking at the shape his shadow cast on the floor.
“Not everyone can afford the best parts, son” said Dr. Grim, walking toward the door.

“Sometimes we have to improvise. “

Douglas’ shoulders dropped. “What happened, Doc?” he whispered.

“All in the packet,” said the doctor, closing the door behind him.

His mind spinning, Douglas sat alone with his uncertainty. How had he died? Who had paid for the procedure? And why couldn’t feel his lips move when he talked?

Douglas opened the envelope with a shaking index finger and removed a thin pamphlet, hoping for answers. Staring back at him was the title: “Your New Head: The First Twenty-Four Hours”.

Laughing, Douglas tossed the packet in the bin marked Biohazard. He would find his answers where all great thinkers do, not in some book, but at the bottom of an icy glass. He was thirsty and his problems could wait. Now, if he could just locate his mouth….


16 thoughts on “Ar’n Man – My Clarity of Night Contest Entry

  1. I saw my bonus points Paul 🙂

    You know, I did not understand the title at first. I tried to say it aloud (in my head) and that’s when I *got* it.

  2. Great story as usual Paul. Having seen the Iron Man movie, I immediately picture the red and yellow head on him! And bonus points for having the most original entry! Of course I really would now like to read more about this!

  3. SzélsőFa – It’s even better since your first language isn’t even English. Ar’n is actually how I would phonetically spell how Western PA people pronounce iron.

    Ello – thanks so much! I really was going for original this time. I didn’t want to write about motorcycles because I know nothing about them. Cyborgs, however…

  4. I really loved your take on the picture, Paul. I think it was probably the most imaginative story I’ve read so far. There’s nothing like a man actually becoming the machine! And the humor really made me smile.

    Thanks for your comments on my story, too! I’ll keep coming by. 🙂

  5. You have such a vivid imagination and can put your thoughts into words so beautifully. Another great story Paul. I’d like to read more of it though….

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