The Game of Liff

No, the title isn’t a typo. Just a little Douglas Adams reference. Speaking of Douglas Adams. Did you see they were auctioning off the typewriter on which he wrote Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? According to the article, the price was $25,000. Man, if I had an extra $25,000 lying around I’d totally buy that, and I’d probably use it to write too. I don’t have even have an extra $25, so the point is moot.

Anyhow, I was just thinking about life today. Do you ever feel like you’re playing life? I really felt like this when my daughter was first born. I mean, they hand you this kid, give you a few tips on how to bathe the kid and whatnot, but then they just send you home without any type on instruction manual. How rude!

I remember the first year or so being a parent. I felt like I was just playing parent, hearing myself say things my Dad would say such as “Don’t put that in your nose!” or “No movies until you eat at least a bite of that ham!”

Now that I’m about to become a father again, however, I think I’m actually a Dad for real now, and not just pretending. That’s a weird, scary, and cool feeling. I wonder if it will last? I’m still not sure if I feel like an adult, though. I hope not.