Budweiser Theorem

My family and I were in Pittsburgh over the weekend, mostly because my wife’s sister had a baby and we wanted to see the bundle of joy. This is my third niece, so that’s pretty neat. Holding the newborn, however, I realized I forgot almost everything I learned in the two years since my daughter was a baby. I have a lot to learn in the next seven months. *Sigh*

While we were there we also attended my father-in-law’s picnic for his karate dojo. There was volleyball, a sprinkler for my daughter to get soaked in, a bunch of food, and a lot of sun. It was a pretty good time.

They also had beer there. Not the type of beer I would say that I enjoy. In fact, they had beer I mostly avoid. They had something something Light and Budweiser. I’m no beer snob, I prefer Sam Adams or Yuengling Lager, but I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with Bud.

This time was different. I’ve been avoiding having beer in my house ever since my we found out my wife was pregnant because I would feel guilty drinking in front of her when she couldn’t have any. Also, I’ve been a bit thrifty with the money lately (for good reasons), and I would be a bit hypocritical spending our money on beer. Anyhow, this time the Budweiser tasted like heaven.

This led me to develop my first theorem, which I call the Budweiser Theorem. Here it is:

The Taste of Budweiser is directly proportional to the Amount of Time Since My Last Beer.

y = kx

y is The Taste of Budweiser

x is Amount of Time Since My Last Beer

k is the coldness of said beer

Feel free to quote me on that. 🙂