Get Off My Lawn!

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So, I was mowing the lawn yesterday and looking over my yard. It’s not a lot of land, but it’s mine. There are times, such as last night, when I wish I could just abandon it and start with a new yard, because mine is so unkempt.

It’s not that I don’t care about having nice landscaping. It’s just hard with a little one in the house to get much yard work done. When I get home from work, I try to do as much parenting work as possible, to give my wife a break (she still does a lot). This leaves little time for the yard.

The biggest offenders I have are some lilac bushes at the front of the house. These are the first things seen as you drive up the road towards our house. I love the lilac bushes. They look so nice when they flower in the spring. After that, they just get huge.

Last winter, in fact, I trimmed them all WAY down. Think of a guy holding a hedge trimmer, slight twitch in his eye, covered in lilac bush guts. That was me. I thought this would keep it from getting huge. Wrong again.

Anyhow, I was out there last night, depressed at the state of things, and decided to do a little work. I noticed one of those weed vines was growing on the lilac bush. So I yanked it. Then I yanked some more. And more. When I was finished, the lilacs were considerably smaller. It turns out 30% of what I thought was the lilac bushes was these dastardly, parasitic weeds.

So, things look much nicer and I learned something. Maybe this post was boring. Still, it made me happy.