1800 Year Old Elvis?

My daughter was sitting on her little potty this morning, big tears running down her cheek, telling me “You’re not going to work today Daddy?” I hope that doesn’t happen every day, because I might have to quit my job.

I found something pretty cool at Boing Boing today, as I often do. They posted a picture of a sculpture from the 2nd Century AD that very much resembles Elvis. The original article is from the Daily Mail. Here’s the picture:

Isn’t that fascinating?

2 thoughts on “1800 Year Old Elvis?

  1. I could have sworn I posted a comment earlier….how odd!

    Anyway, very cute story about your little girl…she is turning into a daddy’s girl!

    That is spookily like Elvis isn’t it? It’s the quiff that does it…

  2. Wah, that is so sweet of your daughter! I bet it broke your heart! Eeh, I did something bad with Kiko today. He hit me, he has a bad habit of doing this and I’m trying to get him to stop, and out of exasperation I said to him: “If you hit me, I’m going to run away!” You should have seen his little face! He looked horrorstruck and for the rest of the day kept asking me: “Mammy, are you going to run away?” Wah! I wish I’d never said that now!

    Wow, I’ve just been googling Elvis too, that is an amazing hairstyle! Who said cavemen had no style?

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