A First Picture

As you read this, I’m probably in my car on my way to Rhode Island for my wife’s family reunion. It will be a good time once we get there. The only bad part is that it’s going to take us probably ten hours.

Thursday, we had our first official doctor’s visit for baby #2. Luckily for you, we took pictures. The baby is in the top left corner of the picture below. Looks just like me, huh? Except for the tail, of course.

It was neat to see, especially the little blink of the heartbeat. Anyhow, it all feels a bit more real for me (it has been feeling all too real for my wife since day 1 I’m sure).

11 thoughts on “A First Picture

  1. I wish we had been able to keep a photograph of the scan when I had my boys, such a lovely thing to have!

    10 hour drive? Don’t envy you that one bit – not with a two year old and a pregnant wife (is she having to pee every 5 minutes yet?) Anyway, hope you get there safely and have a wonderful time!

  2. Awww . . . it makes me all weepy just looking at that. Crap, I’m such a girl. Or just a mom. Congrats on the little lima bean!

  3. I remember our last ultrasound.

    Little guy was breach for awhile and they wanted to confirm that he was in position to come out the right way. He turned his face toward the “camera” and blinked.


    It was amazing. I still get goosebumps thinking about it . . .

  4. That is amazing. Is this the 8-week scan? I remember when I first heard Kiko’s heartbeat at 11 weeks. We had tentatively decided on the name Rowan for a boy or girl but his heartbeat was so strong, straightaway I thought: “That’s no Rowan! This baby is tough!” He needed to be as well, but that first heartbeat always reassured me.

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