Starting to Feel Human Again

A Japanese Squirrel

A Japanese Squirrel

The image above holds no real relevance to this post. I just thought the little guy is cute.

I finally feel a bit better today. I went to work the past two days, but felt weak, as if a leaf happened to land on my shoulder I’d fall to the ground. Last night, I got up from the couch and the world began to spin, and not in the usual way. Luckily, that feeling has mostly subsided.

I had my writing critique group meeting on Monday. That went really well. Everyone liked my chapter, which I called chapter 4.5 but is really Chapter 6 I suppose. I got some good feedback, and some energy to continue on the editing process and not abandon my project quite yet. I’ve already been brainstorming NaNoWriMo 2008 🙂

My daughter is so funny, by the way. She has really been starting to imagine and play on her own. The past few days she has been telling us she’s “going to her writing group”, and then she gathers up a bunch of her toys in her cart and walks around the house. I don’t remember doing this before my writing group, but who knows? She has also told us that mommy and daddy aren’t in her writing group, but my sister and her boyfriend are. 🙂

I definitely need to host my writing group again, as it made such an impression on her. Maybe she’ll be a real writer someday?

Oh, Julie posted the full transcript of her interview with me on her podcast site.  Listen to my musical choices and read my thought on writing here.