Good weekend. Ate at the Chinese Buffet with my daughter and wife. Did a ton of yard work sans shirt. Am now covered in Poison Ivy. Good times. Good times.

Oh, I also won one of the contests I mentioned last week. I won the laptop skin over at FreeAndFlawed. Here’s the one I chose:

Pretty cool, huh? The funny thing is the skin has a big HP logo on it and my laptop is a Toshiba. 🙂

Something else cool happened last week. I read a post on Pretty Good On Paper about cardinals (the bird) and commented that I have a male cardinal that visits a tree in my backyard most mornings. This led me to Google, where I looked up what the song of a cardinal sounds like. That led me to this nice site that has a recording of a cardinal singing.

Wouldn’t you know, that very evening, as I was leaving my parking lot at work with the windows down (because it was a flesh-melting 90 degrees in the car), I heard that very cardinal song. I slowed the car and looked around, for the slight chance to see one of them. Amazingly, the little guy was sitting in a nearby tree. I was so happy, as this was the first time I ever identified a bird from its song. I felt smart for once.

Anyhow, how was your weekend?