I was tagged by Diane and writinggb with this meme. Here are the rules:Google your first name with the word needs behind it and post the results. Here are the results, with my hopefully funny comments in parens:

  1. Paul needs – 60’s & 70’s Tribute Solo Artiste (I like the word artiste)
  2. Paul needs a haircut! (Wow, Google really does know everything!)
  3. Paul needs to Wake Up – Stop Dreaming! (*sniff * you’re so mean Google)
  4. Paul needs Hot & Cool (That is true Google. I like some things hot and some cool)
  5. Paul needs Your Voice in Kansas! (This sounds like I’m some monster, stealing people’s voices. I like it!)
  6. Paul Needs New Yorkers (Just their voices…)
  7. PAUL NEEDS A NEW CONGRESS (I’d rather have a new President.)
  8. Paul needs – Free Music Downloads (Who doesn’t?)
  9. Paul needs to run independent. (What are you saying Google? I always have to run with someone? Screw you Google.)
  10. Paul Needs Our Donations NOW (I can use all the help I can get.)
  11. Paul needs… grammar help?! (I hate you Google. YOU need grammar help)

It seems most of the results were for presidential candidate Ron Paul. It made for some pretty funny “needs”. This was fun!