I Forgot What?

A couple nights ago I took my daughter to the public pool in our town while my wife got some rest. I was happy to do this as I don’t get much sun during the day and we always have fun at the pool. We’re lucky that the pool is clean and never very crowded. I even left work a few hours early, just so we would have more time to swim.

So. I get home and we go about the ritual of getting ready to go to the pool. If I was going alone, it would be easy. Put on swimming trunks, grab a towel, and I’m out the door. It’s different with my daughter. We had to change her into her “swimmy diaper”, find her little bathing suit, change her into the bathing suit, find her hat, find her sunglasses, put on suntan lotion (all the while she’s trying to run away), and put on her shoes. Oh, and gather up a sippy cup and water (“So, I don’t drink the pool water”, she says). I even packed her two My Little Ponies, so she had something to play with at the pool.

My wife helped me with all this and soon we were out the door. My one worry was my daughter would fall asleep on the ten minute drive to the pool, so I made sure to talk with her on our way. On a previous trip to the pool, we saw a cat near some corn fields on our way to the pool. We always look for this cat now, even though I know we probably won’t see it. This time my daughter said “he’s probably chasing a dog”. Maybe 🙂

We get to the pool and everything’s great. We play a bit at the kid’s pool, and then we go into the “big pool”. My daughter has this cool inflatable boat that she can sit in so I don’t have to hold her above the water the whole time. There were only two other people in the end of the pool we were in.

Then we were back to the kid’s pool. Much playing the the My Little Ponies. Yep, I even got into the action. It was soon after this that I realized I had forgotten to pack towels. *Sigh* This would not have happened had my wife been there. So, for the rest of our time there I did my best to dry off (I know better than to get the interior of my wife’s car wet), while my daughter played in the water. Luckily, another mom loaned us a towel for me to dry off my daughter.

All in all, I had a great time with my little girl. I even returned her home in one piece, though she suffered two little cuts on her foot when she stumbled on the sidewalk. *sigh again*