Karate Kid on Hulu

Not a lot to write about today. I gave blood. Moved offices at work (I have a window now!), and am sore from softball last night. Nothing overly exciting I suppose.

However, I did find something cool yesterday. As their “Days of Summer” promotion, Hulu released The Karate Kid and The Karate Kid 2 for viewing on their site. That means you can watch The Karate Kid on the web for free. Sweet!

The Karate Kid, as I’ve stated in the past, is one of my favorite movies of all time. My friend and I spent several summer afternoons pretending we were the karate kid. I’m pretty sure there was a period of time in which everything in my parent’s house had been kicked at least once by our stray, amateur karate. I look forward to the day when an older Asian gentleman janitor/karate expert takes me under his wing and has me build him a deck and wash his cars.

Anyhow, I’m totally going to watch The Karate Kid tonight (daughter willing of course).

As a bonus, Hulu today posted another movie, this one a Wallace and Gromit movie! Double sweet!