How I Won The World Cup

I had a cool dream last night. I know, I know, people hate to hear about other’s people’s dreams. Bear with me, though, because I so rarely remember my dreams. And, in this one, I won the World Cup for England!

Here’s how it went. My wife and I are walking past the stadium during the World Cup Final (actually it wasn’t a stadium, more just a flat piece of land like kids play on) and there is an injury in extra time. Somehow, they choose me to enter the game (even though I’m American and not eligible for the English National Team – surely the only thing holding me back 🙂 ). So, I get the ball and go on a run towards the goal. I get tackled hard in the penalty area and am awarded a penalty shot.

So, I line up for the shot. No butterflies in my stomach. No nervousness. No little voice in my head telling me “you’re gonna miss this”. Pretty much the opposite of what would happen in real life. I take my shot, low and strong on the ground, just inside the right post. The goalie had no chance.

The funny thing is, I win the World Cup and the crowd doesn’t erupt in cheer at first. Everything is quiet. I yell out “I won the World Cup!” Everyone looks at each other and then finally start cheering. Then, they bring out the cup and everyone is wondering who should get to carry it around first. Me, being the great sportsman, tell David Beckham he can go first since he’s done so much for soccer throughout the world.

Then my alarm clock rang and I woke up. I’m not sure why I had this dream, but I have clues. My wife and I were watching T.V. last night and some soccer movie was on. I have no idea what it was called, but it was interesting. Also, I read Men’s Health before bed last night. Who is on the cover of that issue? David Beckham.

Anyone else have interesting dreams lately?

8 thoughts on “How I Won The World Cup

  1. Jenn – I never remember my dreams and they usually aren’t weird. The funny thing is, I didn’t feel a lot of happiness with this one, just *meh*. You would think I’d be happier, winning the World Cup and all.

  2. I absolutely *love* that your dream self was gracious enough to allow David Beckham to carry the cup around first “since he’s done so much for soccer throughout the world.”

    Also enjoyed that fact that no one cheered initially and you had to reiterate, “I won the World Cup!” Everyone looks at each other and then finally start cheering.”

    What an awesome dream!

  3. I LOVE hearing about other people’s dreams, actually. I think it’s revealing in a mysterious way. You are congratulating yourself on a job well done in the dream, confident, and happy to shout out your success to the world. Pretty healthy, I think. Congrats on winning the world cup. What an accomplishment… 🙂

  4. I, too love to hear about other people’s dreams, and sometimes I analyze them, too.

    This day I had an interesting dream – to me it was interesting.
    In short, I had to leave my house and every item I have, I was sent into a mission. I was not allowed to bring anything with me beside the clothes I was actually wearing.
    I knew the mission might take days or years. I cared a bit about that, but I was more than willing to go for it.

  5. Thank you so much! On behalf of my country I thank you! We didn’t even qualify for the European Cup this time. We need you!

    As for David Beckham – he used to play for my team, Manchester United, before he moved to the US – he is still one of my favourite players.
    Did you see him at the Olympics closing ceremony? Gorgeous or what? (Actually perhaps you aren’t quite the right gender to comment on that….)


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