Grandma’s House

Those of you who have been reading here for some time probably remember that my Grandmother died last fall. It’s one of those things to me that still doesn’t seem real. Let me explain.

My Grandma lived about four hours away from my house. This meant we didn’t get to visit very often, especially since my daughter was born. However, we’d talk on the phone a couple time a month, and visit three or four times a year. If the time between visits was too great, we’d always get a kind reminder that maybe we should visit. It seems now that it sure has been a while since visits.

In fact, I still catch myself thinking that it’s about time to take a trip out and visit my Grandma. In my mind I know she’s gone, but living this far away it feels like if I just drive out there then maybe I can see her again.

There are a couple things that brought all this up today. First, my Dad brought over a bookcase from my Grandma’s house. A while ago they had asked me if I wanted anything from her house and the thing that immediately jumped out in my mind was this nice bookcase with glass doors she stored my Dad’s old school yearbooks inside. I figured someone else would’ve wanted it and I wouldn’t get it, but there it is in my dining room. I’ll have to take a picture and post it here.

Secondly, this morning I received an email from my cousin with an attached pdf. The .pdf was a real estate flyer for my Grandma’s house. There were pictures of the outside of the house, pictures of the bedroom we used to stay in when we visited, and information about the size of the house. I knew the house was for sale and everything, but this sure made it real.

So, that’s how I feel right now. I think when I go home tonight, I’ll break out the Legos. That’ll cheer me up. 🙂