A Day at the (Ball) Park

Friday night we attended our first professional baseball game of the year. In August. *sigh* This is so sad because the team we went to see is only a ten mile drive from our house, is located in the town that I work, and tickets are only $7 a piece. It’s also sad because I nearly bought season tickets for said team before my daughter was born.

Anyhow, we went to a game on Friday night. Things started out poorly just before we left the house, when my daughter injured herself. We were determined to go to the game anyhow, so we loaded into the VW and started on our drive. The more we drove, the more my daughter cried. This wasn’t an “I’m tired” cry. This was a genuine “I’m in pain” cry. I pressed on saying, “Once we get there, her grandparents and the game will distract her from the pain.” I don’t know if this was a smart strategy or a selfish one.

We get to the game, and she’s still crying. My heart is being broken into a thousand pieces. I decided to try one final thing before we get in the car and head back home. I told my wife to go ahead an eat dinner (she is pregnant after all) and my dad and I took my daughter to the “Fun Zone” to jump around in the inflatable jumping things. Eventually, this helped.

Here’s a picture from we took from our seats:

There really aren’t any bad seats in the stadium as it’s a small stadium for a Rookie League (New York Penn League) team. By the way, the oldest player on the team was born in 1983. Me = old.

My only quarrel with the game was the speakers were LOUD. I have nothing against music at ballgames, or those videos they play to get people to clap. However, does it have to burst my eardrums? Could I have a conversation with the person beside me and hear what they’re saying? Again, me = old.

Here’s a picture later in the evening of the view of the mountains past the outfield. We live in a valley and are surrounded by mountains so I tend to take them for granted. They make a pretty backdrop for a stadium, though.

Our team wound up losing in the 10th inning, a couple innings after we left. My daughter was tired and kept getting startled awake by the LOUD SPEAKERS! I guess I should’ve expected them to lose. They are affiliated with the Pirates.

Still, it was a great evening and a nice start to the weekend. Maybe next year I can attend TWO games.

7 thoughts on “A Day at the (Ball) Park

  1. Ha! Baby steps, Paul. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If you’re old, then I’m hobbling right next to you. Loud, obnoxious music drives me crazy.

    I’m glad your daughter recovered! And that you guys had a good time. I loved the pics!

  2. I’m glad the Fun Zone helped your daughter to feel better. We had a day a bit like that on Sunday. We took Kiko out to the market, not realising he was still feeling yucky from his chest infection, and all he did was cry. This complete stranger turned round on the street and tutted at me. I felt like saying to him: “Well you deal with him then!” Heh heh! Luckily, after a good sleep, he was loads better.

    I like your photos. We have hills like that near here, it makes me feel good when I see them.

  3. vanilla – she actually had a really good time, thanks to the soft pretzel my sister fed her.

    Helen – I’m glad you like the pictures. Also, I’d like to see the “tutting person” take care of a little one. I bet they would collapse after a minute!

  4. old? Yeh, I feel like that sometimes. Once upon a time in the classroom I felt a little too close in age to my college students and tried hard to differentiate myself from them. Not a problem anymore. Now I always wonder just how way out of touch I seem to them. Ah well. Glad you had fun at the game!

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