What Should I Write?

I just received an email in my inbox, from someone I don’t know, but with a subject intrigued me. The subject of the email was Town & Gown’s Fiction Contest. I usually don’t open emails from people I don’t know, but Town & Gown is the name of a magazine in town here (specific enough I doubted it was a virus). Anyhow, I help my breath and double clicked.

Annnnnd…. it was legit (probably from the local writers’ network). They are looking for unpublished short stories (2,000 words or fewer) in one of four categories: Drama/Suspense, Romance with a Twist, Comedy (or Make Us Laugh), and One Fine Day in Happy Valley. The deadline for this is October 24th. That gives me roughly two months. Should be cake.

If you know me, you know which category I’m going to choose: Comedy. That’s the easy part. The hard part is to choose what to write about.

So, I thought it might be fun if you all came up with some funny short story ideas for me to write about. I would be eternally grateful. Heck, if I pick one of your ideas I’ll even name one of the main characters after you (if you’d like).

Leave your ideas in the comments here. I’m excited to see what you all can come up with. I promise to share what I write with you all, even if it doesn’t win.

What do you all think? Sounds like fun? Sounds like I’m lazy? I like cake?

Or, a little bit of all of the above.