No Energy

If I was Link from the Legend of Zelda right now, my little energy level meter would say half a heart. I am completely wiped. A week of staying up until midnight to watch the speeches of the Democratic National Convention has finally caught up to me.

What did I think of Obama’s speech last night? I thought it was brilliant. I was invited to watch it at an old opera house (now a movie theater) with the local Democrats, but chose to stay home to help my wife with my daughter. I’m glad I stayed home because it would’ve been embarrassing to be all teary eyed in public.

For those of you still reading this blog, I’ll try to refrain from writing about politics. However, I’m writing about my life here and politics are on my mind right now.

Even some republicans are giving Obama props for his speech. Below is conservative Pat Buchanan’s (!) reaction.

I sooooo need some sleep.