Fox in Socks

Dr. Seuss. What’s there to say about the man that hasn’t already been said. The man was brilliant in his use of the English language. I was reminded of this last night.

Last night we went to the local library. Now, this library isn’t like the picture of a library I have in my head: a old stately building with massive concrete pillars at top of a long walkway with hundreds of steps. Our library is pretty much the opposite of this ideal. However, it does have books you can borrow at no cost. Good enough for me.

My wife took out some books, my daughter picked out a ton of books, but I didn’t reserve any. I totally blanked and couldn’t remember any of the books I wanted to read. *Sigh* It’s for the better, though, as I need to spend time writing rather than reading.

Anyhow, one of the books we got out for our daughter was Seuss’ Fox in Socks. This is the book I read to my daughter last night to get her to sleep. Whew! If you haven’t read it in a while, I suggest you pick it up again and attempt to read it aloud. I had a sore throat and a twisted tongue by the time I was finished. Here is an excerpt:

Through three cheese trees

three free fleas flew.

While these fleas flew,

freezy breeze blew.

Freezy breeze made

these three trees freeze.

Freezy trees made

these trees’ cheese freeze.

That’s what made these

three free fleas sneeze.

I’m still recovering from that one.


10 thoughts on “Fox in Socks

  1. How can you go to the library and not get anything for yourself? I am shocked!

    I love wandering down shelf after shelf crammed with books, each an opportunity to duck into someone else’s thoughts. I can never leave a library with less than three books.

    Read the first page of a few books and pick the one that appeals to you most. Maybe you’ll find a new favourite?

  2. Actually, this book drives me a little mad. 😉

    We bought it when I was pregnant with my daughter, and my husband read it “to” her. I told him I was glad she wasn’t born yet, so she couldn’t laugh at him. 🙂

    But I love Seuss. Some of his longer works, in particular. Yertle the Turtle, Horton, and the Lorax are all personal favorites. The man was a genius, but hid it well!

    Libraries are grand…

  3. Wow, that was hard for me as well.
    I wonder how kids can fall asleep to watch their parents struggle with tounge twisters like this…
    What’s your experience with this, Paul?

    We have some great authors who wrote similar books, but their language is not quite like Seuss’s. I don’t refer to one being Hungarian and the other English, you see.

  4. Several years ago, while working in radio, I was asked by a school to come and read on Dr. Seuss’s birthday. I got to read that one to a classroom full of third graders, with no prep. Aaaarrrgh!

    Roy Williams uses a term called Seussing to describe the writer’s knack for making up words that fit better than most common words. I’ve been a Seusser for quite a while . . .

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