Self Criticism

I’ve been able to get a bit of fiction writing done this past week. It feels tremendous.

I completed my first new chapter of my novel since last November and sent it out to my writing group, ahead of Monday’s meeting. I think it’s pretty good, but I’m anxious to hear what they think. They always have such excellent advice for me. Again, if you have the chance, get in a writing/critique group. It is so useful.

Once I get their feedback, I’m going to take the time to read the first five chapters of this thing. That absolutely terrifies me. I hate reading anything I write. I’m getting a stomach ache just thinking about it.

I’m not sure I’m a good judge of my writing, good or bad. What I have the most trouble with is answering the question: “Is this interesting and entertaining?”. I can judge grammar. I can judge style. I cannot judge if what I’ve written will keep the attention of a reader.

How about all of you?