Getting Old Stinks – Reason #42

Bear with me everyone. This post will eventually be about writing. I was thinking a bit last night. Some of this may be fueled by the various drugs I’m on due to my head cold. Who knows. It gave me an idea for a blog post, so I’m thankful for that.

Anyhow, getting old sucks. Very profound observation, huh? Nobody has ever thought of that. And sure, I’m not THAT old yet. I’m 31. However, when you work on a college campus you tend to begin to see yourself as an old fossil.

One of the things I miss about being young, and this is going to sound extremely vain, is being told how handsome I am. Think back a bit. When you’re young, you can’t go into a grocery store, or a church function, without some random old lady walking up to you, pinching your cheek, and saying “You are so handsome.” I hated that at the time, but now I miss it a bit.

Both of my grandmothers have passed away. Just another reason I miss them is there were a great source of this type of ego boost. You could not get in the front door or either of my grandmother’s house without a kiss, a compliment, and probably a pie or some other pastry forced onto you.

Or, how about in school, where you hear from so-and-so that so-and-so thinks you’re cute. Man, that was a great feeling. That could really make your day. I get a similar feeling when my wife tells me I look good.

This stuff doesn’t happen anymore. How sad.

Now watch me bring this back to writing. I get nearly the same feeling when someone tells me they enjoyed something I’ve written as I did when some random person said how handsome I look. It’s just a nice boost to the ego and never gets old. Maybe this is why I share my fiction on this site so much. I’m addicted to that feeling.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone who has said they liked my writing, or told me something I’ve written made their day. I like you too. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Getting Old Stinks – Reason #42

  1. Well that is the upside of having not had those things, I can’t miss what I never had. Like when I was pregnant I would read about other pregnant women lamenting no longer getting checked out all the time by men, for me there was no difference whatsoever. So you can lament that it doesn’t happen as often, or be pleased that it used to.

    Here is to hoping some random person walks up to you in the next week with compliments. (for writing, or looks, or….Hot pants, hot page.). No indeed you are not old, you are merely increasing in value.

    I am almost done with my rough draft, and I’m worried the feedback I get might be the opposite of your positive “you’re hot” ego boost, and I don’t want that gym class, picking teams, and no one wants you on theirs feelings. But I guess it is with writing, just like it is with getting old, it is all part of the process, we grow, we change a bit, some of the shiny newness wears off, but over-all we just keep getting better.

  2. I think we all like being praised. Some get it for their look, some for some more serious, inner content.

    I too, feel getting old, but I’m turning 38 (is it 39?!?!) this December. My knees are the first to give in and I do hate that.

  3. Huh! Try being a forty-something woman. There was once a time when I got wolf-whistled as I walked down the street…now all eyes are not on me but my fifteen year old daughter!! Still…quite a few people wolf-whistle by writing now…figuratively speaking of course.

  4. Paul – I am 10 years older than you and work on a college campus so I feel your pain! And yes, I notice that I don’t get the constant wolf calls I used to get in the past. But that is not a bad thing!

    And I think you are handsome and a great writer!

  5. Ah, I’ve never been told I’m handsome, oh well!

    But when I moved to Japan at 22 I would get so many total weirdos cracking on to me, feeling me up on trains, trying to hire out my services as a prostitute, I am not kidding. Then, mysteriously, almost to the day that I turned 25, they left me alone! It was brilliant! I don’t know, I don’t miss that sort of attention at all. Even in UK guys were most likely to get aggressive with me if I didn’t reciprocate their attention. I think I’m not very good with compliments either. If someone tells me they like my writing, I’m automatically thinking: “But? But?”

    I hope you’re feeling better. We’re all rabid around here, it’s awful!

  6. Ah but you’re forgetting the bad stuff about being young!

    As long as you’re under 25, nobody takes you seriously…you get asked for ID everywhere you go…you have no money,and no idea what you’re meant to do with life. Everything is a challenge that you haven’t faced yet, and it’s scary!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love being young, and I love that all this potential and possibility is ahead of me, but honestly, I’m really looking forward to being ten years older, with some level of stability, and dare I say it, wisdom, in my life. 🙂

  7. vintagefan – I think right now I’d take whatever I can get. 🙂

    writinggb – doesn’t it stink? it’s probably even harder being a prof standing in front of them all the time

    zo – I’m not so sure anybody takes me seriously now either. Also, I still don’t have any money thanks to student loans, car payments, etc.

    helen – eek! also, I hope you all feel better.

    ello – you are too kind. also, you are commenter of the day. congrats 🙂

    Akasha Savage – 🙂

    SzélsőFa – true, true

    vanilla – but am i wise now? don’t answer that 🙂

    taffiny – who told you about the hot pants? 🙂

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