Yay for Color

This is gonna be one of those mishmash posts, as most of mine are, I suppose.

First, here are some low-res pictures of the the new color we used on my daughter’s room. I took them with my cellphone this morning, so they aren’t great. Also, the blue tape isn’t a feature. I just painted the window frames, and haven’t taken down the tape yet.

Yeah, not great pictures. You get the idea, though. We love the new color. So much better than the plain white.

Remember the Pirate issue of Shimmer magazine? Well, they’ve made it available for free today and only today in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day. I plan on downloading it today. It’s running a bit slow right now (thanks to the Boing Boing effect I think), so you might want to wait a little bit before you try to go there.

Some exciting things on the writing front today. I’ve actually had some story ideas! One is for NaNoWriMo 2008. Good times. I welcome the return of The Muse with open arms.