Smooth as Sandpaper

Saturday morning I had an ice hockey game at 6:30 AM. This meant I had to wake up at 5:30 AM, stumble around the house gathering up my gear, and be out the door around 5:45 AM to make it to my game early enough to get dressed. A fun but difficult start to the weekend.

The game itself went well. My team wound up winning 6-5, and I even scored the game tying goal late to give us a chance to win. Bonus points to me for not only scoring the goal, but banking it off the goalie’s head.

Anyhow, I was feeling like big stuff after the game. I stopped at the usual convenience store and bought my usual post-game gallon of lemon iced tea. I bumped into a few friends in the store and when I got to the car, I was feeling pretty cool. Then I looked in the mirror.

It turns out the whole time I was in the store, I had blood on one nostril and on my upper lip. I guess my nose bled a bit during the game and I didn’t even know it. It was surely like this in the locker room after the game and when I was talking to my friends in the store. The poor cashier probably thought I was some crack head or something. Oh well.

Just another reminder that I’m not nearly as cool as I think I am.

Picture from My Office

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I moved into a new office at work. This one even has a window! Well, I thought I’d share a picture of some of my co-workers.

After I took this picture, the giant lion mauled C-3PO. I think it’s for the better, though. That guy won’t shut up. 🙂