A Strategery

I’ve been in a little funk with my novel. I have made some progress, and even shipped my latest edits to my writing group. However, I’m not getting much writing done. My problem is not lack of motivation or lack of time. My problem is procrastination via the Internet.

Every night I wait for my daughter to fall asleep, so I can get my “writing time”. Sometimes she falls asleep at 8:30. Sometimes at 9:00. A few times at 9:30. Then it’s my time.

Things start innocently enough. I open up my document in Open Office. Then I open up a web browser. Check the gmail. Check the stats on the blog. Check the comments. Check everyone else’s blog. Check twitter.

Then I start with the politics. FiveThrityEight.com. Huffington Post. Daily Kos. The Young Turks. Maybe even CNN.

By the time I’m done with the browsing, it’s nearly 11:00. I peck out a couple lines of writing then go to sleep. This happens way more than it should.

So, I have a strategy I’m going to try tonight. I’ve printed out the page I want to work on. Tonight, I’m going to write the old way, pen and paper. Far away from the computer. I have great faith this will work. Of course, there’s the TV…