No Sleep Till February

Just a quick post here. My wife was unable to sleep most of the night due to a little tiny human her kicking her from the inside. Therefore, I stayed home a few hours and helped out. Mostly I did some dishes and tried to persuade my daughter to eat her food rather than play with it. And no, I didn’t get any writing done last night.

Now onto America. I’m sure those abroad are hearing AMERICA IS IN CHAOS!!! OMFG! About that. I totally went outside today in America and nothing was on fire. People were driving to work and mowing their lawns and walking their dogs. As far as I know, no one has spontaneously combusted.

Are things bad? I guess so. The thing is, for most of us, it has been a bit bad for a while now. It’s just now our government has decided to stop telling us “The Economy is fundamentally sound” and to start doing something. What are they doing? Well, they’re throwing 700 billion dollars at some companies. Yay for us!

In conclusion, everyone is tired and nothing is on fire. I consider that a win.

5 thoughts on “No Sleep Till February

  1. I love that: “I totally went outside today in America and nothing was on fire.” I had a professor once who claimed to have said the same sort of thing in Sproul Plaza during the whole 1960s Berkeley thing. It’s a good thing to remember.

  2. Life is actually getting BETTER for me. If I don’t listen to the news and all the political broo-ha-ha, I notice that gas prices are going down and the weather is quite cheery.

    And I feel for your wife. I’m sleeping in the same rocking boat.

  3. Thanks for saying this. Blogging reminds me of how much people outside the US hear about us and how alarmed they are by things in the media. I, too, went outside in MY America this morning taking my pup for a walk and saw the sun actually rise — yeh, really the sun came up in the sky as if it were a normal day; a neighbor’s dog barked at us, but hey, she always does that.

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