So, I got some writing done last night. Not a lot, but a start. I think my big problem is I’m not sure where I want the story to go next, and I’m over thinking things. I realize I just need to get the thing down on paper and edit as necessary. That’s what I did last night.

Today should be a good day. Neil Gaiman’s latest book, The Graveyard Book, is published today. It should be the perfect read for an October night. I hope to pick it up at the local Barnes and Noble tonight.

Actually, this is a scheduled post. I’m writing it from the past. I’m currently at a retreat for work. We have business stuff, but hopefully an afternoon of fun stuff such as batting cages and golf driving range.

For fun, here’s some advice. Don’t stand up David Letterman. Ever. Just ask McCain.

8 thoughts on “Success!

  1. I am glad you wrote. I am outlining a novel now. Trying to tell myself that the more detailed I can structure this monster, the easier the writing process will be. That’s always worked for me, but I know there are many others who feel too constrained by this. We each must find what works best for us! The time crunch is critical, though – my husband and I are planning to have children pretty soon. I am so excited, but dreading what that will mean to the writing-schedule. I guess, as Devon says, you just gotta want it bad enough.

  2. Oh, I just love Dave. More now. 🙂

    I hope that plunging into the writing works for you. I have those horrible moments of uncertainty and questioning, too. Much more often than I’d like.

    Keep going, Paul…

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