Graveyard Book a Chapter a Day

I mentioned Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book yesterday. I went out and bought it last night. In my local Barnes and Noble, I found the book in the big kid’s section, in a pretty nice cardboard display.

I’m ten or so pages into it right now, and am enjoying it so far. What you may not know is that Neil’s doing something pretty cool to promote the book. He’s reading a chapter of the book each day while he’s on tour. These readings are being videotaped and released on the Internet. At the end of it all, he will have released the entire book for free. If you haven’t heard Neil Gaiman read yet, I suggest you check it out. It really does feel like he’s reading to you. Plus, British accent.

Here’s a link to The Graveyard Book readings. Enjoy!.


4 thoughts on “Graveyard Book a Chapter a Day

  1. writinggb – it’s a teen’s book that adults also like, from what he says. at the beginning of the books, a 1 year old’s parents are murdered and the child is raised by ghosts. it’s like “The Jungle Book” except ghosts instead of animals.

  2. Ah, well that sounds like a book my ten-year-old would like then. His birthday’s coming up. I’ll have to take a look and see if it’d be a hit. Gaiman is a great author.

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