Happy Birthday Pappy

Today is my Grandfather’s birthday. He turns 91. For a guy that started work in the coal mines at age 14 in order to help support his family, he has done pretty well. Like many of his contemporaries, he fought in World War Two, but doesn’t like to talk about it. I do know that he got some type of medal for his service and rather than display it in some case prominently in his house, he had the diamonds removed from it and made into earrings for my Grandmother.

Another thing about my Grandfather. He has been living the past few years with a broken heart. I think everyone in my family knows this. When my Grandmother got sick with ALS, he kept as good care of her as she had of him for so many years. When she died, he could’ve given up. He hasn’t.

In fact, just last week, my Mom was talking to my Grandfather about my daughter. He remarked about how smart she is. Then he said something interesting. He said he hoped he would be around to see her graduate from High School. She’s two years old right now. So, he would be around 107 years old when she graduates! I love that optimism.

So yeah, he’s a pretty cool guy. We’ll no doubt give him a call tonight and sing Happy Birthday over the phone. I think he’ll really like that. Happy Birthday, Pappy!


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pappy

  1. Happy Birthday Pappy!!

    You gave just the right details to make his seem real and wonderful.

    Be proud of him that he did live on, and wants to continuing doing so
    (real life getting in way of post, will try again soon)

  2. Taffiny – thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Shari – he is!

    Diane – I’m glad that came across. We gave him a call last night and he seemed to really enjoy that.

    Vesper – I’m glad you enjoyed my post ๐Ÿ™‚

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