I’m Crafty

It amazing what one does when money gets tight. I know I am blessed in that I have a full-time job in a stable area. I know I get a paycheck every month, and I know that each month (barring any surprises) I will have enough to pay my bills. However, there isn’t much extra money.

So, when my wife came to me a few days ago and told me one of the headlights on her car was out, I got the funny feeling in my stomach. Oh great, I though, another $30-50 to the mechanic. Then I wondered if maybe I could do it myself. This is the story of that attempt.

Yesterday my wife bought the replacement bulb. It was a tiny little thing. Then, I went on the internet to see if anyone had any How-Tos on replacing a headlight in a New Beetle. Sure enough someone did. And it sounded easy.

I printed out the directions, grabbed the bulb, and headed out the door immediately following dinner. I wanted to give myself enough daylight, after all. Following the directions, I opened the hood, pushed up a plastic tab, and popped the entire light fixture out of the car from the inside. No problem.

After some work, and some slicing of my fingers, I was able to replace the bulb. Just to be safe, I tested it before putting it back into the car. It worked! All I had to do then was put it back into the car.

Did you ever notice how fast it gets dark lately? Or, how quickly it can start to rain out of nowhere? I sure noticed last night. Also, getting the light out of the car was easy. Putting it back in, not so much. Visions of my wife driving around in her car on the way to a proper mechanic, with a duct-taped hole where the headlight should be, danced in my head. After a good half hour, holding the flashlight in my teeth, I was able to get the light back in. I felt like a million dollars.

It wasn’t a big deal really. People do much more than this every day. Still, it felt good to be able to fix something on my own. I guess sometimes it pays to be monetarily challenged. Otherwise, I would’ve just paid someone to do it and never learned anything. Still, next time I’ll do it BEFORE dinner.


7 thoughts on “I’m Crafty

  1. That is crafty.

    My husband bought this little electronic part the size of my pinky nail to fix his car air conditioner. The dealership wanted to charge him $600 to repair it. He did like you, went to the internet for instructions and did it himself. Total cost: $7.

    Gotta love that.

  2. Oh yeah, last time my beetle headlight went out $50 dollars, I couldn’t believe it. But my husband who has changed the headlights on his own car, was apprehensive about doing so for a beetle. Good to know it can be done.

    Way to go Paul!

    My beetle doesn’t always shift into gear now (it is an automatic) when I first start him up, sometimes when I put him in reverse he insists on not moving at all, or on going forward. Bit scary sometimes, but now I know to expect it and make sure to only be on the gas ever so lightly till I see what happens. I mention this because, we did pay quite a bit of money to have mechanics go over the car checking it out to see what is wrong, and they found nothing, and didn’t at all experience the problem for themselves. It is kind of unnerving to still have this problem, but it also seems it would be stupid to keep paying hundreds of dollars to keep having them tell us nothing is wrong with the car.

  3. Congrats on being gutsy! I love this story. It sounds like something I would do. I get such a sense of self-satisfaction doing stuff like that!

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