A Bit of Craziness

Well, I’m home now.  Thanks for all the comments on my most recent posts.  I’ll respond to everyone soon.

The service was nice. It was part of the regular Greek Orthodox service, and I especially enjoyed the priest’s cermon about loving our enemies as much as we love our friends.  A hard thing to do, but key for a peaceful world.

Anyhow, while I was at the service my wife and daughter went to our niece’s birthday party.  I felt like we were away from each other for a year but it was only a day.  Sunday night we met at my wife’s Dad’s house and we picked up this HUGE armoire (wardrobe).  More on that later.

So, we drove home from Pittsburgh and wound up getting home at 10:00 PM (I nearly fell asleep driving).  Then we spent an hour trying to get the armoire upstairs.  Then we gave up at 11:00 PM.  Then, at midnight we went to the ER because my wife was worried about something with the pregnancy.

At the hospital, my 2 year old was wide awake.  She kept wanting to push the buttons on the hospital bed. She kept saying “Can I push these buttons?”  It was very cute.

Anyhow, everything was fine with the baby, and we got home at 2:00 AM.  We are very tired today and I have a writing group meeting tonight.  I only have about a page of writing to share thanks to the mini “writer’s block”

OK, I’m done here.  My daughter keeps hugging me and just said to me, “You’re a huggable guy”.  I guess I am.


9 thoughts on “A Bit of Craziness

  1. Oh dear, that sounds scary. I hope your wife is OK.

    Your daughter is so cute! We ended up in the ER this weekend too (Kiko, as usual, bad flu) and Kiksy was very impressed with the paediatrician, he hasn’t stopped talking about him since, and informed me very importantly yesterday: “And Dr had a special hat!” The doctor was a Sikh and was wearing a turban!

  2. I think that’s a huge compliment, “huggable guy”. 🙂

    I’m glad your wife and baby are ok and that you’re all fine after an eventful weekend.

    It’s good to remember the ones we loved and lost even in an organised way like a church ceremony – we get the comfort of sharing this with others…

  3. WritingGb – I think so 🙂

    Helen – Everything is ok. It wouldn’t be a real pregnancy without a late night trip to the hospital, right? That Kiko quote is so funnY 🙂

    Vesper – thanks 🙂 The service was nice, plus we got to hang out with family after the service.

  4. Well it is a good thing you are such a huggable guy, as you sound like you could use lots of hugs (especially from such a little cutey).

    Glad your wife and little one on the way are okay, wow that must have been so stressful and exhausting.

    As for writers group, I’m sure it is a well written and inspiring page. 🙂

    Perhaps you mentioned it elsewhere, I should look about before I ask, but I’ll ask first then look. I see you are entering NaNoWriMo again?

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