I’m Fine, Thanks

Everything is much better today.  We were all able to rest a bit yesterday.  The smartest thing I did all week was to take Monday off from work.  My wife was able to take a nap while my daughter and I went grocery shopping. She may regret that, though, because we bought a lot of snacks 🙂

I had my writing group meeting last night and that went well.  I didn’t get my chapter finished in time so I didn’t get anything critiqued.  I still got to read some great work by the other members of the group.  They are a talented bunch of writers.

Oh, this is good.  Doctor Who asks, “What are you doing here?” 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’m Fine, Thanks

  1. Snacks. Funny. If those were the ONLY things I brought home from the store, my husband would cry with joy! Glad to hear you had a good critique group, though. I can’t wait to write enough to make joining one sensible!

  2. Good to hear you took the day off and got some down time. Oh yes, and that your wife is fine, too. And don’t worry about not getting that chapter done in time. I’m surprised you made it to the group at all with everything that was going on. Good for you.

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