Terry Pratchett Interviews

I came across a few Terry Pratchett items I thought I would share with you today.  For those new to this blog, Terry Pratchett (along with Neil Gaiman) is one of my favorite authors.  We could all only dream to be one quarter as prolific as that man.

First, Terry wrote an article at the Daily Mail about his life with Alzheimers.  It’s a sad article but I think it is also important to read.  I think the more we know about the disease the better.  The headline quote for the article is “I’m slipping away a bit at a time… and all I can do is watch it happen”. *Sigh*

On a much more happy note, Terry has also posted a video interview of himself on his website talking about his next Discworld book.  It sounds from the interview that it will deal with soccer on Discworld. Sign me up for that now!