I thought you all would be happy to know that I’m unblocked and writing again.  I wish I could say how it happened.  I’m really not sure.  I guess I just worked my way through it and eventually was able to start writing again.  Or maybe I finally tripped on a story idea I cared to write about.  Yeah, I think that’s it.

It feels really good to be writing again.  I feel like the words are flowing from me.  They may not be great words, and there may not be a lot of them (500 at most a day), but at least they are coming.

I have about 1,100 words of the short story I’m trying to write for a local writing contest.  I’d like to get into the 1,500 word range.  I have until October 24th, so I think I’m gonna make it.

The story I’m working on is for the category “Comedy (or make us laugh)”.  It’s amazing how hard it is to write comedy when you are trying to be funny.  My idea is about a guy in a bar with his buddy and they are trying to think up ways to make money so they can quit their jobs.  I’ll share it with you all once I submit it for the contest.

Also, you all may have noticed the National Novel Writing Month badge in the top left corner there. Yep, I’m gonna do NaNoWriMo again, even though it nearly killed me. Why not, right?

I have a strategy for planning this year. I know I can’t make an outline. I just don’t have the patience for that. However, what I am going to do is determine how I want the story to begin, and how I want the story to end. Next, I’m going to figure out how many chapters I want and then write a sentence about what happens in each chapter. I think this will give me a general framework without being too restrictive. It will give me some type of direction with the story, something I don’t feel I have with my current one.

So, anyone else going to do NaNoWriMo this year? If so, you can click on the badge on this blog and add me as a “buddy”. 🙂