Big News

Some of you know already (from Twitter) and some don’t. We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and found out we’re having a boy! I’m excited, of course, although I would be excited either way. It will be nice to have a boy and a girl, I suppose.

Right now, my daughter is crushed. She was sure it was going to be a little girl. She keeps saying, “I don’t want anybody to be a boy.” I’m sure she will be fine with it, but she is taking the news hard. Heck, she didn’t fall asleep until 10:45 last night.

The important thing is the baby is healthy. Technology is amazing. From that sonogram the doctor could tell there was the proper number of chambers in the heart, the right number of hemispheres in the brain, blood was flowing in the right direction, and the spine had the proper curve. Just amazing.

So yeah, big news. It’s kinda hard to process. I had this picture in my mind of myself as a father to two little girls. This changes things. I was used to having a little girl. Now I will get used to having a little boy. As always, life is interesting. And exciting.